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RDG Tejon Crypter v1.3 Extreme Edition

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Joined: Jun 13, 2010
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:15 am
Post subject: RDG Tejon Crypter v1.3 Extreme Edition


I Offer RDG Tejon Crypter v1.3 Private Edition (Extreme Edition 2010)

RDG Tejon Crypter v1.3 Private Edition (Extreme Edition) New
FUD 100% [Fully Undetectable]










v1.3 New
Very Stable
+Very Powerful
+Bypass Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Included (Proactive Defense)
+Bypass OutPost Firewall
+Bypass Zemana Keylogger (HIPS)
+Bypass Comodo Internet Security (HIPS)
+Bypass AntiHook (HIPS)
+Bypass SpyShelter (HIPS)
+Bypass Avast Antivirus (Proactive)
+Bypass Norton Internet Security (Proactive)
+Fake Error Generator

+Major Icon Quality
+Clone File Properties
+Best Binder
+Speed Increase 300%
+Anti Avira Heuristic Detection
+Anti Nod32 Heuristic Detection
+Fix Pe Checksum
+Fake Error Generator
+Compatible (Windows 2000 / Xp / Vista / Windows 7 [32/64Bits] )
+Script Support!

+Process Suspended
+Process Killer
+Run Only in Admin Mode
+Cannot Run in safe Mode
+Anti-Tracing (Anti Craking)
+Set File Atributes
+Anti Kaspersky (Kaspersky Bypass Proactive Defense)
+Activex Registration
+Anti Heuristic Detection
+Anti-Firewall (ByPass)
+Vista UAC (ByPass)
+NEW Engine
+Very Stable

+File Bundle (DLL Bundle + Register ActiveX/OLE/COM control)
+Anti-Heuristic Detection
+Obfuscation of your executable helps protect it against tampering and cracking.
*Process Killer (Multiple Process Killer)
*Cannot Run in Safe Mode
*Run Only in Admin Mode
*Set File Attributes

*Anti-Shadow User Pro
*Anti-Clean Slate
*Anti Sandbox (Fortres)
*Run as Fake Process
*Delete Me (Execute & Delete RDG Loader)
*I Will Scan w/ AV Online (Use this option for scan yours Protected files with AV´s

Online Smile
*Anti JoeBox (Enhanced)
*Anti-Anubis (Enhanced)
*Anti-CWSandbox (Enhanced)
*Sleep Sec. Run program after x Seconds. 0 to 999 (Enhanced)
*Process Ghost
*Change Process Name

*Realig Sections
*Anti-IDA Debugger
*Anti-Norman Sandbox
*OEP Stolen Bytes (Enhanced)
*Checksum CRC
*Overlay support (EOF Data)
*Sleep Sec. Run program after x Seconds.
*Exceptions (0 to 1000)
*Get All Privileges
*Change Icon (Enhanced)

*OEP Stolen Bytes (Enhanced)
*Anti Virtual Machine (Max) = Heuristic
*Anti-SunBelt Sandbox
*Anti Deep-Freeze
*Anti-Returnil Vistual System
*Anti-Malware Defender
*Anti-Xen Virtual Machine
*Password Protect
*Execute With Command Line (parameters)
*UnHook All API
*Anti-Attach Loader (Protect RDG Loder)

*Unique version for each Buyer!

*Full support!

*Support: Free 24/7 support when you need it.

*Compatible with Windows 2000 - Xp - Vista - Windows 7

*Support OS 32/64Bits

50$ v1.3 (+ 2 stubs extra)


-Liberty Reserve

contact to RDGMax:


Crypter's WebSite:


Best Regards

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